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Great Prices on Loose Diamonds from I.D. Jewelry

I.D. Jewelry is your premier source for loose diamonds. We have a huge variety or diamonds of all shapes, sizes, weights, cuts and colors. Use our search tool to find the perfect diamond for your jewelry. Whether you are looking for a two carat diamond for an engagement ring or one carat diamonds for a necklace or bracelet, you’ll be able to find it from I.D. Jewelry at a reasonable price.

All Cuts and Carat Weights of White Diamonds, Yellow Diamonds and More

Many people know exactly what type of diamond they would like for their ring or necklace. But it’s hard to find already made jewelry that exactly matches the diamond you have in mind. But at I.D. Jewelry we have a huge selection of diamonds cut to your specifications. From colorless diamonds to yellow diamonds and every shade in between, from half carat diamonds to four carat diamonds, and in every shape imaginable. Such as princess diamonds, heart diamonds, emerald diamonds, round diamonds, cushion diamonds, marquise diamonds and more.

Buy Diamonds Online at I.D. Jewelry

I.D. Jewelry started out as a booth in New York’s famed Diamond District over 25 years ago and our goal is to replicate that feel on our website. The personal touch you get in our store is felt in every aspect of our business. If you need any assistance picking out the right diamond, give us a call or email us. Our certified GIA Gemologists are on hand to help our customers buy diamonds both in store and online.

Shop I.D. Jewelry with confidence and pick out the perfect diamond today.